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Why insurance calls works provides high-quality live transfers that are reliable and better monetize time into written policies. We ensure an exclusive and verified customer connection for a smooth closing process per the buyer’s targeted demographic. Since our quote inquiries are internally produced, our consumer calls are always fresh off the line.

Here`s what you get

Best product at the best price

We have created the ultimate direct relationship between agents and interested consumers.

Exclusive Live Transfers

Our exclusive live transfers happen within seconds of initial contact with the consumer. Since the call begins with us, we are able to determine where it ends - and it goes to only one buyer at a time.

Buyers have their preferred target markets

We ensure that your desired demographics will be hit every time. In addition, buyers are able to decide their call volume, as well as times and methods of delivery.


All of our transfers are verified interested consumers who are waiting to receive a quote from a buyer. So you can spend less time calling leads who were never interested in the first place because we do that for you.