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The main reason why your clients may be switching insurance companies  is not a matter of price, but of poor experience. In their 2014 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study that included a sample of 16,900 auto insurance shoppers and 50,000 insurance company customer evaluations, J.D. Power revealed findings that insurance agents can use to their advantage. 


Today Walmart announced their newest partnership with The website was created by Tranzutary Insurance Solutions in 2012, a New Jersey based insurance agency. Using the site, Walmart offers consumers a convenient way to shop for auto insurance.

One large advantage of being an insurance agent is the ability to cross-sell. Your clients will always have valuables they need to protect and insure, and you as the insurance agent have the ability to provide them with proper coverage. Here are some cross-selling tips to help you increase your profits while providing your clients with the ultimate care.

A little known coverage called cyber insurance is beginning to creep around the minds of companies and consumers worldwide. In light of the accumulating cyber security breaches, AIG now offers companies compensation against any cyber injuries. This marks the first of its kind for a major insurance company, however it is predicted many more will follow.

As stated in the Second Amendment, all individual Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. In light of recent tragic events involving firearms, many Americans have debated the whether this amendment should be reconsidered.

Philadelphia lawyer, Andrew H. Gaber, was the leader of a huge insurance-fraud ring that cost 21 insurance firms close to $400,000. For seven years, he ran a tight operation of slip and fall cases through which he was able to bilk insurance companies their claims.

“Your brand is the one sentence people say about you behind your back.”

With that being said, do you know—or at least have the general idea—of what your insurance agency’s brand is? Owning a brand is just as important as owning a business. If you have no brand, how can you confidently offer your insurance agency over anyone else’s? Recognizing your agency’s brand will give you a differentiating quality that proves your value to your clients.

As an insurance agent, your mind is always on the bottom line. How can you increase your bottom line without changing your whole marketing approach for your insurance agency? Here are five easy ways that you can implement today to increase your earnings.

No matter how well you run your insurance agency, negative feedback is always a possibility. Though you can do your best to prevent these issues from occurring, there are the rare few that can slip through. Sometimes a well-managed consumer complaint can create a stronger relationship between an insurance agent and a client. Take them as a challenge and a way to better build customer service with your clients.

After years of honing your craft of selling and writing new business for your insurance agency, it would be a shame to not put thought into how to retain those clients you worked so hard to attain. Keeping a high retention rate is sometimes more important than prospecting. By practicing three simple methods, the retention of your agency should see significant improvements with maintaining your current clientele.

Close to a billion earth lovers from 192 different countries come together in recognition of Earth Day. Known as a day of action, we are encouraged to make steps towards becoming more sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint on the earth. As permanent residents of the earth we should always keep the sentiments of Earth Day in mind, no matter what the day. So how can we be more mindful of treading lightly on the earth? Here are some small ways that can make an impact over time.

Keeping up with Millennials has never been more important for insurance agents. In this fast-paced, new age of technology, there are certain tools that agents can use to forge ahead into the future of their insurance agency.

There is nothing more frustrating for an insurance agent than hearing a phone dial over and over again, only to end in an unknown voice mail. How can agents combat this problem head on? Here are a few quick tips that will increase your chances to close that lead.

To put it simply, a lead is a prospect who has an interest in a particular business exchange, whether it be a product, service, or partnership. Therefore an insurance lead is a consumer who is interested and looking for insurance.

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