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Handing claims is not an easy job for an insurance agent. Determining how much damage was caused and concluding a final verdict with a price tag is more difficult than one would hope. However, there is always a way to make a hard job seem easier. After reading these insane insurance claims, maybe handing that auto insurance claim won’t seem so bad.

Seeing a flip phone today is as likely as seeing a someone roller blade down your street. It may happen from time to time, but is it an odd sight? Absolutely.
With many insurance agents working on the go, smart phones provide a great way to get work done while outside of the office. Here are five great apps that all insurance agents should carry to keep their work flow organized and timely.

Do you ever wonder how safe it is for your elderly auto insurance policy holders to be on the road? Liberty Mutual Insurance conducted a survey that had some eye-opening statistics about senior drivers and their driving habits. This included more than half of children of senior drivers were concerned about their parents being on the road (55%), but a third of the children are too afraid to begin conversations with them. However, the rest of the statistics show that this is an important conversation to have with senior drivers.

This year’s Fourth of July travel is up 2%, according to AAA. However, the expected 35 million road travelers should take extra care while on the road, as the tropical storm Arthur reached an official hurricane status today. Insurance agents on the East Coast should give some advice to their clients who will be on the road to avoid accidents and unnecessarily insurance claims.

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