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Auto and health insurance calls and leads for insurance agents and carriers. consistently delivers high-quality auto insurance transfers that buyers rely on to increase their sales and boost their bottom line. With three different lead products to choose from, insurance agents have the freedom to choose which fits their agency best.

Exclusive and Shared Leads

Choose to have exclusive leads, shared leads, or both! Our exclusive leads are guaranteed to be sent to one agent, agency, or buyer only. When we receive a lead that matches a specific demographic, we send the data directly.

Live Transfers

Where the customer calls you! After a quote has been requested, we verify that the customer is looking to speak with an insurance agent and that they match the targeted demographic. Once verified, we route the data and transfer the call in a warm handshake. In the circumstance that the agent is unable to receive the transfer, our representative will kindly explain that the agent will call back shortly.

Call Services for Contact Integration

We integrate the leads you have already acquired and cold call them for you. If one of your contacts has interest in a quote, we verify their information and transfer the customer directly. None of your contacts are sold or shared and each transferred lead is verified, qualified, and interested in receiving a quote.

Each call is competitively priced and transferred with quality standards of home-generation, exclusivity, verification, and demographic targeting. Because each business need will differ depending on which product and filters a buyer can choose, we encourage you to call us to find an exact price. Please dial 844-842-8242 to receive an estimate and begin your call flow.